Whether you are Mom or Dad, a caregiver or an educator you can benefit from the rewarding experience of learning and connecting to the wonderful world of Spanish. ABC Spanish in Motion designs its program incorporating music and movement into the teaching and learning environment making it applicable to all ages and educational settings. The following are the options created to better suit your needs.

  • Fun and Energetic Family Classes: Come with your little one and join us in this fun adventure at your most convenient location.
  • Enrichment Programs for Daycare Centers and Preschools: If you are a school that is looking to enrich the lives and cultivate the minds of your students through a fun language program, we have designed a truly beneficial curriculum that links smoothly to your school curriculum. If you are a parent and can’t participate and experience this program with your child don’t hesitate to refer your child’s school to us.
  • Private Classes (held in private homes): If you desire to provide social and enriching activities for your children within your own home, consider bringing ABC Spanish In Motion to educate and entertain. You provide the space we provide the experience.
  • Enrichment Programs for Libraries and Bookstores: We run classes at libraries, bookstores, an other education-focused venues on occasion. Please contact us if you would like us to make an appearance.