Spanish Summer Camps (3 Days per Week)

Offered in July & August • Cambridge and Charlestown, MA

Cambridge: Tuesdays – Thursdays, 9:00 AM – Noon

Charlestown: Wednesdays – Fridays, 9:00 AM – Noon

Our Spanish summer programs provide an opportunity for children four to eight years of age to begin to learn and practice Spanish in an immersive and cultural context. Children sing, make music, play games, craft, and prepare food as the themes change weekly. Children develop confidence and improve social skills through sharing and group activities in a highly social and participatory setting.

Spanish Summer Program in Action
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This program provides not only a structured class full of ideas and activities for you to do with your children but also provides a music CD to extend the learning experience to your home.

Native speakers conduct classes fully in Spanish, using a variety of teaching aids including miming, American Sign Language, role -play, puppets, instruments,
songs, dance and more.

Class curricula changes weekly, as does the original music used each day. Themes included everyday items such as colors, shapes, food, simple commands, etc. as well as Latin-American themes including rhythms & music, instruments,indigenous animals, foods, etc. All class materials are provided, and children are grouped with others of a similar age. Healthy snacks are also provided on the days we are not preparing native, Latin-American food.

Please contact us to register three or more children. A registration form is required from each family. Please fill out the appropriate Charlestown registration form or Cambridge registration form and email it to Classes @, snail mail it, or bring it to the first day of class.

The Spanish program in Cambridge is held at the Amigos School, located at 15 Upton Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.

The Charlestown camp is held at St. John’s Episcopal Church, located at 27 Devons St., Charlestown, MA 02129.

Here’s the syllabus of the things we’ll learn and do. Lot’s of fun, and lots of learning!

Week 1: Take to the Sea! / ¡Vamos al Mar! (July 11-13 Cambridge / July 12-14 Charlestown)

Summer Camp Charlestown Week 1 July 12-14

Summer Camp Cambridge Week 1 July 11-13

Children will be exposed to native foods, music, animals and beautiful seaside sites of the Spanish-speaking world. We’ll travel to the Caribbean, the Galapagos and Patagonia to contrast the inhabitants of these varied climates. As pirates we’ll explore the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and learn about Lonesome George, Sally Lightfoot Crabs, penguins, dolphins, orcas, marine Iguanas, and seals in their habitats. Students will learn to locate some of these animals’ countries on the globe. Children will make their own marine masterpieces, with recycled materials (as much as possible) to help children learn to preserve nature. Children will return home singing songs written to honor the marine environments and animals of the Americas.

Week 2: Little Chefs / Pequeños Cocineros (July 18-20 or 19-21)

Summer Camp Charlestown Week 2 July 19-21

Summer Camp Cambridge Week 2 July 18-20

Children will delight wonderful dishes from the Americas. The target vocabulary will be table and kitchen words. Table manners will be taught. Children will discover new science, math, health, social skills and cultural awareness through our hands-on cooking of Central and South American cuisine. We’ll make guacamole, arepas, quesadillas and the sweet and yummy Cuban rice pudding (arroz con leche). Children will measure, squeeze, and mix ingredients while singing traditional songs from Latin-America. Students will also plant various legumes to better understand the process of nature. We will count them and emphasis their diversity through differentiating colors and shapes.

Week 3: Let’s Go Camping! / ¡Vamos a Acampar! (July 25-27 or 26-28)

Summer Camp Charlestown Week 3 July 26-28

Summer Camp Cambridge Week 3 July 25-27

This week’s “Campers” (students) will create an outdoor scene, converting the classroom into an artful space full of mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and beaches. Students will read and sing inside a unique tent they will design with recycled materials, helping to instil environmental sensitivity and a desire to conserve. We will be camping in magical places in the Caribbean, Guatemala, The Amazon and in the beautiful Andean regions of South America. We’ll study the diverse fauna we will encounter through our camping trip (including a surprise visit of real ‘wild’ animals brought to us by Curious Creatures. Children act out camping activities as well as creating items for outdoor use such as kites and fishing rods.

Week 4: Carnival, Circus, and Fiesta! / ¡Carnaval, Circo, y Fiesta! (Aug 1-3 or 2-4)

Summer Camp Charlestown Week 4 Aug 2-4

Summer Camp Cambridge Week 4 Aug 1-3

This week dancers, musicians and magicians will visit in full costume to teach, sing and dance in a Carnival parade! Children will explore various vibrant rhythms from the Americas. There will be an instrument ‘petting zoo’, where children will be able to handle and play percussion instruments. We’ll also build our own instruments from recycled materials, and at the end of the week we’ll put on a show! We will celebrate Carnaval and the magical life of a circus. Children are welcome arrive dressed for the occasion. We’ll explore the life of magicians, trapeze artists, ballerinas, and animals of the circus.

Week 5: On the Farm / En la Granja (August 8-10 or 9-11)

Summer Camp Charlestown Week 5 Aug 9-11

Summer Camp Cambridge Week 5 Aug 8-10

Children will enjoy learning the Spanish names of farm animals as we turn our classroom into a farm! Students will work together like bees (abejas) as we build a barn, stables, and a home for each animal. Through song, role-play, and Total Physical Response (TPR) storytelling, students will learn about each animal, its needs, and why it has a place on the farm (provides milk, eggs, wool, etc.). We’ll examine the different animals found on different farms through the Americas and the Spanish-speaking world. To make the learning first-hand, a live ‘petting zoo’ will be brought to the class with fluffy and cuddly animals for children to observe and touch.

Week 6: When I Grow Up / Cuando Sea Grande (August 15-17 or 16-18)

Summer Camp Charlestown Week 6 Aug 16-18

Summer Camp Cambridge Week 6 Aug 15-17

This week children will ask the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Children will build, explore and contrast different sceneries to explore professions. For what they will go on a trip and meet with campesinos and natives of the Americas to more urban professions we encounter every day. Children will build, explore and contrast different sceneries depicting these professions. We will build a community of helping professionals seen in today’s multi-cultural neighborhoods. Children will learn that a community can be small, with only a few buildings and residents, or large, modern cities. Students in our recreated community will each other by offering goods and services. We’ll earn the importance of being bilingual in a multi-cultural community, and will learn how to bridge cultures and differences when we are bilingual. During the week, the class will be visited by individuals of various professions to show how each is helping his and her communities every day.