She trusted God when He said the older will serve the younger. About this pro. As we saw in both lessons – standing alone, they did not work out for good. He knows he will die soon, so he asks a favor of Esau. So what can we take away from Rebekah that we might do better ourselves? Hannah in 1 Samuel, for example, prayed for herself that she be able to conceive, but her husband did not. Isaac had told the lie that she was his sister because he was afraid they men of the area would kill them over her “for she is beautiful” (Gen. 26:6). The Christian devotional for the day today. Divided over the boys, and she is focused upon getting that blessing and fulfilling that prophecy for HER boy. He sees camels coming, she sees a man in the distance. I read Rebekah and I want to work to keep my marriage as hers was in the beginning. Rebekah volunteered to WORK. In this article we'll talk about a couple who started out so well, but had their relationship sour over time: Isaac and Rebekah. The love story of Isaac and Rebekah had the beautiful beginning of an arranged marriage. The Lord explains to her that two nations are in her womb. Isaac played an emotional, spiritual, and physical role in creating a family with Rebekah. As such, Abraham became quite aware of his own mortality and, like any responsible father, was keen to put things in order before he died too. With this in mind, there is no doubt that we can learn a lot from His life. Jacob buys Esau’s birthright, and Esau sells it freely, over a bowl of red stew. Rebekah knew she could trust God with all her needs and desires. I believe it helps us to remember that we are going to have good and bad days too. This post is part of a larger series called “Let There Be Light.” Rebekah had a personal relationship with God, and He responded to her.Rebekah had a personal relationship with God, and He responded to her: “Two nations are in your womb, two peoples shall be separated from your body; one people shall be stronger than the other, and the older shall serve the younger” (verse 23). She may have been weary of Esau’s wives – as they were from the beginning – but it was not the reason for sending Jacob away. Sunday School Lesson: “God Leads The Way” Sunday School Lesson Materials: – two different types of candy bar – one box of raisins According to, Here the scripture diverts our attention because of a famine that hits the area (Gen.26:1). Isaac has grown old and he could not see well. He later married Rebekah and had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Hi! Is it okay to hoodwink your husband to get what you want for your beloved son? Her mother and Laban ask Rebekah what she wants to do. Even though Rebekah and Isaac were having issues in regards to their children, they still played together. I do not know if this Abimelech who is king of the Philistines is the same Abimelech or a descendent, but he has a similar issue with Isaac and Rebekah that was had with Abraham and Sarah. Rebekah's deception caused strife between Esau and Jacob. Many years later, however, Esau forgave Jacob. We see a path laid out, and because of the favoritism and things that happen later – I suspect Rebekah filled Jacob’s head with the fact that HE was to be the greater of the two boys. 1 Timothy 2:15 says that through bearing children, if she continues in FAITH, LOVE, and SELF-RESTRAINT, a woman will be preserved. So often we only remember one or the other and don’t look at what we can truly learn from these women. Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Related Posts: Opt-In | 31 Days of Women Lesson 6 | Jochebed; Use the Bible to Teach the Hard Lessons to Your… Filed Under: Diligent SPIRITUAL LIFE, 31 Days of Women from Scripture. God is able to provide life partners in unexpected and quick ways, when His timing is fulfilled. She set a great example. 5.0 (1) 1 years in business. Here are 4 critical lessons from the story of Isaac and Rebekah (Rebecca). Note that this is the very first time the Bible talks about someone making enquiries from the Lord. Contact this Pro. They chased each other through the house as soon as she could crawl. I am always impressed with the fact that she did so “quickly” (Gen. 24:18). The pregnancy is a difficult one. Just Like Us . Previous Post: « Lessons from Leah. As a family legacy, I think Rebekah’s is one that should be avoided. Just a simple, “I will go.” They do not hinder her. Family Lessons from Rebekah. At the same time, God told Rebekah that two nations were fighting within her womb and that the older would serve the younger. This is the promise that was made to Abraham, and God is now making it to Isaac (Gen. 26:2-5). Abimelech makes certain that no one approaches Rebekah (memories of what happened in the past I wonder). Click here to get your FREE copy of this lesson: Opt-In | 31 Days of Women Lesson 3 | Rebekah, Use the Bible to Teach the Hard Lessons to Your…. Water needed to be drawn up from the well. She tells what she must know is another lie – that Esau will get over this in a few days and forget what has been taken from him (Gen. 27:45). This family did not sit back and wait for life to come to them, they went after it!) Hebrew Word of the Day November 23, 2016 — The Right Kind of Girl. My teaching is based on encouraging others to be a willing servant, Hospitality. What are the lessons I’m supposed to learn from Rebekah? I want to watch myself with our five daughters and be sure that I am not showing favoritism among them. Then she dresses Jacob in Esau’s clothes and puts the skins of the goats she cooked for Isaac on Jacob’s hands and neck. But Rebekah is the object of our lesson today, because she took her affection for Jacob too far. We first come upon Rebekah in Genesis 24:15-16. He explains why he is there and how he encountered Rebekah. Preparation. You can check it out right here -- Scripture Writing Club. Her goal, “that he may bless you before his death”. This is the family they have come to be. We saw both Eve and Sarah naming their children to reference God’s part in those children being there. Then we, too, will be worthy of being part of Abraham’s family. It should. Isaac goes down to Gerar, obviously intending to go to Egypt because God appears to him and tells him to stay in the land that God will give him. This mother of grown twin boys is still seen as beautiful. I have been a private tutor for 9 years to ages ranging from 5-44. To teach the children that the same eternal blessings promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can be theirs if they make and honor temple marriage covenants. 1:3-14; 1 Cor. Isaac prayed on her behalf that she be able to conceive a child. I do love how quickly she moved to care for Abraham’s servant. Lessons Learned from Rebekah. Ready to be more diligent about your prayer life? Her response is, “I will go.” No indecisiveness, no coyness. In verse 20 we see the word “quickly” again, and she “ran back to the well to draw”.

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