Volume 4 – Juguemos con la Nieve


¡Es Invierno! Juguemos con la Nieve
(It's Winter! Let's Play with the Snow)

“¡Es Invierno! Juguemos con la Nieve” is a winter-themed album that addresses familiar and fun winter themes such as snow, South American penguins, winter clothing, snowmen, and more. We also take children on rides through the Spanish-speaking world, naming countries from Mexico to Argentina and sampling native rhythms and instruments. We'll hear Venezuelan folkloric music, Andean melodies, Flamenco, Tango, warm Caribbean rhythms and others. Parents and children will enjoy dancing, singing, and playing in Spanish together.

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Amigo Bombero

¿Quién Hizo la Galleta Circular?

La Carta

El Hokey Pokey

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¡Es Invierno! Juguemos con la Nieve contains 20 songs.

  1. Hola, Buenos Días | Hello, Good Morning
  2. Invierno | Winter
  3. La Alegría de los Instrumentos | The Joy of Instruments
  4. Me Cepillo los Dientes | I Brush my Teeth
  5. Estrellita | Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  6. El Pingüino | The Penguin
  7. El Juego de los Animales | The Animal Game
  8. Mis Mascotas Favoritas | My Favorite Pets
  9. Amigo Bombero | Our Friend the Fireman
  10. El Muñeco de Nieve | The Snowman
  11. El Tren del Mundo | The World Train
  12. El Elefante del Circo | The Circus Elephant
  13. Palomatis de Maíz | Popcorn
  14. ¿Quién Hizo la Galleta Circular? | Who Made the Round Cookie?
  15. El Camaleón | The Chameleon
  16. La Carta | The Letter
  17. Si te Sientes Muy Feliz | If You’re Happy and You Know It
  18. Carpintero | Carpinter
  19. El Hokey Pokey | The Hokey Pokey
  20. Adiós | Goodbye

This album contains a 12-page booklet containing Spanish lyrics and the English translation to each song.