Volume 8 – Me Voy a Divertir


¡Es Invierno! Me Voy a Divertir
(It's Winter! I'm Going to Have Fun)

¡Es Invierno! Me Voy a Divertir is second winter-themed, Spanish language CD. You'll sing and dance to lively South American rhythms and learn about native and endangered animals. In the Andes Mountains you'll talk with Andean Condors and Spectacled Bears. Mischievous raccoons will hide in the garbage, and you'll count with penguins and roar with dinosaurs! Winter and Latin-American themes are used to teach colors, counting, and that magic exists in the words “Please” and “Thank you”. We'll keep out the winter chill with warm melodies and warm up with the best cold-weather antidote: Hot Chocolate!

Preview / Listen to Songs from the album:

Es Invierno Me Voy a Divertir

Está Nevando y Hace Frío

Hagamos Chocolate

Las Palabras Mágicas

El Astronauta


Es Invierno Me Voy a Divertir contains 20 songs.

  1. Hola, Buenos Días | Good Morning
  2. Es Invierno Me Voy a Divertir | It’s Winter I’m Going to Have Fun
  3. El Muñeco de Nieve | The Snowman
  4. Cinco Pingüinos | Five Penguins
  5. Está Nevando y Hace Frío | It’s Snowing and it’s Cold
  6. Hagamos Chocolate | Let’s Make Chocolate
  7. Copus de Nieve | Snowflakes
  8. Me Voy de Viaje | I’m Going on a Trip
  9. Cubre tu Boca | Cover Your Mouth
  10. Mi Casa | My House
  11. Vamos a Leer | Let’s Read
  12. La Alegría de los Instrumentos | The Joy of Instruments
  13. Mi Familia Baila | My Family Dances
  14. Las Palabras Mágicas | The Magic Words
  15. Formas y Figuras | Shapes and Silhouettes
  16. El Oso Andino | The Andean Bear
  17. El Mapache en la Basura | The Raccoon in the Garbage
  18. El Astronauta | The Astronaut
  19. Mueve tu Cuerpo | Move your Body
  20. Vamos a la Selva | Lets Go to the Rain Forest
  21. Adiós | Goodbye

This album contains a 12-page booklet containing Spanish lyrics and the English translation to each song.