Volume 1 – Que Llueva Que Llueva


¡Que Llueva, Que Llueva! Llegó la Primavera
(Let it Rain, Let it Rain! Spring has Arrived)
Let it Rain, Let it Rain! Spring has Arrived! is a spring-themed album designed to introduce children to the Spanish language We'll dance, sing, and play while learning about ants, ducks, owls and farm animals as we travel throughout South America. We'll also use spring themes such as rain and rainbows to learn colors, numbers and the importance of hygiene, particularly how to wash our hands with soap and water. Finally, we will learn a beautiful poem filled with loving words for our mothers. Classic and contemporary Latin rhythms will bring an extra touch of fun to this amazing experience, making this album favorite among children and adults.

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La Primavera | Spring

Palomita Blanca

En la Granga


¡Que Llueva! ¡Que Llueva! Llegó la Primavera contains 20 songs.
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1. Buenos Días | Good Morning
2. La Primavera | Spring
3. Los Patos | Ducks
4. Me Llavo las Manos | I Wash my Hands
5. Palomita Blanca | Little White Dove
6. Poema para Mamá | Mother’s Poem
7. El Arcoiris | The Rainbow
8. Los Insectos | Insects
9. El Juego de los Animales | The Animal Game
10. Carpintero | The Carpinter
11. Las Diez Hormigas | The Ants Go Marching
12. Las Burbujas | Bubbles
13. En la Granja | On the Farm
14. La Lechuza | The Owl
15. Atención | Attention
16. Limpia | Clean Up
17. Los Instrumentos | The Instruments
18. Mis Manitos | My Little Hands
19. ¡A Dormir! | Sleep
20. Adiós | Goodbye

This album contains a 12-page booklet containing Spanish lyrics and the English translation to each song.