Jouveth Shortell

Jouveth Shortell is a Venezuelan native and holds a B.A. in Education: Pedagogy Science from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela, and a M.A. in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Jouveth received her Montessori certification under the auspices of the American Montessori Society at the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center (NEMTEC) and also an EEC accreditation for School Director.

Jouveth has taught Spanish in formal, bilingual school settings and in informal tutoring environments. Her passion is promoting multiculturalism, which she does by leveraging experiences from her multicultural background. Jouveth believes firmly that true social change occurs through multicultural experiences leading to acceptance of other-cultural identities and cultural pluralism. A first step towards multiculturalism is the acquisition of a second language which serves as a bridge into a new culture and promotes sensitivity, respect, and a desire for further experience.

Jouveth has been blessed not only with the opportunity of teaching Spanish to children for over 12 years, but also with the joy of raising two bilingual daughters. Her love and passion for teaching a foreign language began when they were very young. Having been raised in a Spanish-speaking country, Jouveth considered it very important to teach her daughters not just Spanish but other languages as well, their traditions and culture.

Her Journey began in 2009 when Jouveth developed a two year music and movement program called ABC Spanish In Motion. By 2011 Jouveth had produced and recorded eight Spanish seasonal music Cds. Making the music a central part of her curriculum, music that addresses native animals, foods, instruments and of course Caribbean rhythms. Jouveth then turned her passion of education into writing each of the songs in every CD, taking care of every detail of executing and producing every CD.

By 2014, Jouveth had successfully trained a group of 10 wonderful Latin American instructors who were teaching the program in about 40 schools throughout the Boston area. ABC was until then a mobile program.

Today, Jouveth embarks in a new entrepreneurial adventure Spanish Immersion Montessori School, a dream come true! SIMS is the result of a vision and desire to provide an effective Spanish program in an environment that in conducive and invites learning. Jouveth’s passion for cultures is shared today with her two favorite people, her daughters with who she loves spending time traveling, exercising, and listening to Spanish music. Jouveth enjoys practicing meditation, mindfulness, Pilates and of course dancing salsa with friends!

Mayra Mesta Martinez

Mayra was born in Torreon, Coahuila state, Mexico where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She worked as a kindergarten English teacher in Mexico and she completed her an academic internship as a child psychologist in the largest community clinic from Durango City in Mexico. She moved to Boston 6 years ago, and and since a become a certified Spanish Medical Interpreter. She is been working in ABC Spanish in Motion for over a year. She loves to work with children, and studies in child development and teaching have been always her passions. Being part of ABC Spanish in motion has give her the opportunity to continue with her passions each day.

Yinna Ramos

Yinna Ramos is from Cartagena, Colombia, where she studied Social Communication and Journalism. Coming from a family of primary school educators, it became clear that working with children is what she wanted to do. She started working with different foundations focused on children. When she moved to the US to further her studies, She didn’t want to stop doing what she likes so she became a Spanish tutor. Yinna has been with ABC Spanish in Motion for a year, and is loving the opportunity to be part of a program where she can be active with the kids, teaching them and learning from them while they are having fun.

Alexandra Bakhos

Alexandra was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She was living there until 2015 when she moved to Boston with her father family. She has a degree in Chemical Engineer but one of her passion is teaching, she was a professor in her country. Currently she is working in the beauty industry in Boston but one of her dreams is to teach Spanish to little kids, and she made her dream comes true when she meet ABC Spanish in motion and she joined it right away, for her teaching is a hobby more like a job. One of her
thinking is that in children we can find the peace the world can not give us.

Carmen Santos

Carmen Santos was born in Dominican Republic, where she lived until she was 10 years old. In 1995 her mother decided to create her own path and moved to Puerto Rico where Carmen lived for 20 years. She has made Boston her home for the past 3 years. Carmen has always been involved in child care. Her passion for teaching shows how dedicated and committed she is with childhood education. Carmen joined ABC on 2018 and is very happy to share her culture and her knowledge with the little ones.