The incident is an interesting case study of inadequate communication, inefficient SMS, poor judgement due … Similar storms are dotted throughout history, their significance determined by the havoc they wreak or the waves they create, or both. The MV Pasha Bulker is a 76,741 tonne deadweight Panamax bulk carrier operated by the Lauritzen Bulkers Shipping company. The main engine speed was increased to assist the turn to port, into the wind, but this had limited success. Now , i can see how lucky I was to be able to surf everyday in this event, it was pumping everywhere ! In March this year the Drake quietly returned to Newcastle Harbour ten years after its infamous visit. Navigational safety: the challenges for improvement - A P&I club’s perspective, Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021: Sunil Kapoor, FML Ship Management, Career Paths: Sara Baade, Sailors’ Society, Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021: George Teriakidis, DNV GL, Update: Live map depicts spread of coronavirus, Lessons learned: Uncontrolled movement of mooring chain, RightShip, INTERCARGO jointly launch standard for safety in dry bulk sector, Lessons learned: Inadequate preparation of the wire for termination, BP denies accusations of being involved in Wakashio oil spill. Meanwhile, up in Newcastle, the salvage team took three attempts to haul the Pasha Bulker off the beach and into deeper water. New South Wales Maritime … We don’t know the location […] CRASH AND CAPSIZE: Team New Zealand Flips Their Foiling AC75. history, the ‘Pasha Bulker Storm’ was an east coast low (ECL) which affected the east coast of Australia between Illawarra and the Hunter in June 2007. Momentarily caught in the lip. Required fields are marked *. There were 17 in total making it a banner year for swell and a nightmare for insurance companies. Hey I just had a idea! And though it wasn’t as intense it again provided large weekend waves for surfers while exacerbating beach erosion caused by the initial storm. Fun Fact: The carrier 'Pasha Bulker' was only 8 months old when it ran aground off Newy, and the vessell changed it name to "Drake" due to the media attention it drew to it's the crew. A much-anticipated weekend of tomfoolery has turned out to be a mellow affair, with conduct barely approaching anything remotely ‘boisterous’, Ding Alley reveals. The 40,000 tonne coal carrier was guided to deeper water by three tugs at about 2137 (AEST) today. Next month marks ten years since the famous June 2007 run of swell, arguably the best month that any East Coast surfer can remember. The ship began rapidly closing on Nobbys Beach, now only eight cables4 away. It was a white knuckle ride, yet it changed around Hexham, twenty kilometres inland from Newcastle. But memory is treacherous anyway, over the years it gets altered and augmented. On the 2nd July they were successful and the stricken ship was towed into Newcastle Harbour for minor repairs before being towed to a shipyard in Japan for a major overhaul. By 1330, all of the crew had been safely winched off by a rescue helicopter. Merewether at left, and Cronulla. The exhibition looks at why the June 2007 storm was so devastating and what happened during that brief intense period. The lack of facts is striking. Conning the ship inappropriately at critical times, including ordering the 20º course alteration to put the ship’s head through strong gale force winds without controlling the turn himself by giving appropriate rudder orders or monitoring the helm subsequently. The Pasha Bulker ran aground during the once-in-thirty year storm that struck the Central Coast and Newcastle on June 8. The ship had sufficient water ballast on board for the good weather conditions which continued for the next fortnight. The nearest comparison was the May 1974 storms. Don't waste a moment! The surrounding area was subsequently named after the wreck. The lack of facts is striking. Yes well done stu! With a combined age nearing 100, Peter Mel and Twiggy Baker this month raised the big wave bar, yet it may not be in spite of their age but because of it. Remember that night well too, commuting home from Sydney to the Central Coast, carnage everywhere. The same swell did amazing things in New Zealand too. The East Coast is a dynamic coast, good waves can come at any time from the north through to the south, and though it has seasons they're not as distinct as, say, Hawaii's North Shore or Indonesia. On 2 July, Pasha Bulker. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} Coal ship the Pasha Bulker sits off Nobbys Beach June 8, 2007 in Newcastle, Australia. The 30,000-tonne bulk … In July 1973 the Cherry Venture washed ashore near Double Island Point. We've delved into the NBN News archive to the day the ship came aground. In June 1967 two ECLs stripped the sand off every Gold Coast beach.

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