Here may be noted a fundamental difference in the psychology of religion, since in the Roman Church the chief appeal is to the emotions, while in the Reformed it is to the intelligence. THERE is a Cosmic Intelligence. A child is born with a certain intelligence quotient. In contrast, business intelligence is understood as internal business insights, what your company is doing. Critics say these episodes prove that intelligence oversight by civilians is lax at best. It requires a lot of intelligence and co-operation. The same thing holds for the intelligence service in which Stalin sees the quintessence of the state. Like Plato, he believed in real Universals, real essences, real causes; he believed in the unity of the universal, and in the immateriality of essences; he believed in the good, and that there is a good of the universe; he believed that God is a living being, eternal and best, who is a supernatural cause of the motions and changes of the natural world, and that essences and matter are also necessary causes; he believed in the divine intelligence and in the immortality of our intelligent souls; he believed in knowledge going from sense to reason, that science requires ascent to principles and is descent from principles, and that dialectic is useful to science; he believed in happiness involving virtue, and in moral virtue being a control of passions by reason, while the highest happiness is speculative wisdom. Liberty is the child of intelligence. Examples of intelligence agency in a sentence: 1. Intelligence has/have reported that the enemy is planning a new attack. (c) He explains the rise of consciousness by supposing that, while it requires brain as a condition, it consists in the emancipation of intelligence from will at the moment when in sensation the individual mind finds itself with an idea without will. He was about ten years old in 1487, and was described as a handsome youth of intelligence and good manners. The Burmese are fond of stage-plays in which great licence of language is permitted, and great liberty to " gag " is left to the wit or intelligence of the actors. They likewise display a much higher degree of intelligence than any of the other man-like apes. Intelligence reported enemy activity just off the coast. There were no media reports, but one intelligence spot report described the carnage. Intelligence definition is - the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations : reason; also : the skilled use of reason. Daniel also wrote a by no means successful reply to Pascal's Provincial Letters, entitled Entretiens de Cleanthe provinciales (1694); two treatises on the Cartesian theory as to the intelligence of the lower animals, and other works. Thus he defended the universalia ante rem as exemplars existent in the divine intelligence, and censured Aristotle's doctrine of the eternity of the world. With this may be compared a passage in the Ursprung der Sprache, where there is a curious adumbration of Spencer's idea that intelligence, as distinguished from instinct, arises from a growing complexity of action, or, to use Herder's words, from the substitution of a more for a less contracted sphere. The ego is the ego; such is the first pure act of conscious intelligence, that by which alone consciousness can come to be what it is. In other words the intelligence when it once begins to define an object for itself, finds itself launched on a movement of selfasserting synthesis in which it cannot stop until it had recognized that the unity of the object with itself involves its unity with all other objects and with the mind that knows it. Find more ways to say intelligence, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. When we say “identical”, it means both physical features and thought process. so catholic a study of modern thought could have but one result upon a normal intelligence. and (3) vows or intelligence, the proper ego. Last week the US presented the UN with intelligence reports showing that Iraq had converted trucks into mobile missile launchers. Social Intelligence - Introduction. To such an extent does he carry this demand for rational explanation that, at times, it seems as if he claimed for unassisted intelligence the power of penetrating even to the mysteries of the Christian faith. intelligence definition is - the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations : reason; also : the skilled use of reason. 4. de Freycinet, then a young officer of engineers, as his assistant secretary of war, he displayed prodigies of energy and intelligence. The intelligence of the undead. He must set intelligence and. The spiritual sun is the source of love and intelligence, or life, and the natural sun the source of nature or the receptacles of life; the first is alive, the second dead. It is not, then, either in the intelligence or in the sensibility that we are to look for liberty. There was a time when people used to tell their children to “be like” their idol who could be their favorite player or athlete. He has intelligence and industry. The caravan trade was created by the Ghadamsi merchants who, aided by their superior intelligence, capacity and honesty, long enjoyed a monopoly. . Though wanting in strength of will, Constantine possessed intelligence and many other good qualities, and his reign on the whole was not unsatisfactory. His intelligence and experience enabled him to deal with the trouble. 0. When we say “identical”, it means both physical features and thought process. If the appointment is made by an agency head, the agency head must receive the concurrence of the National Intelligence Director. His trusted intelligence officer, Colonel Colquhoun Grant, was at this time in France, and it had been arranged that his reports. South of the Ibos live the Aros, a tribe of relatively great intelligence, who dominated many of the surrounding tribes and possessed an oracle or ju-ju of reputed great power. This feat so pleased the commanderin-chief that he empowered him to raise a regiment of 2000 irregular horse, which became known to fame as Hodson's Horse, and placed him at the head of the Intelligence Department. fright at the enemy 's numbers, shows a supreme lack of intelligence. His views imply a cultivated intelligence well versed in practical affairs, opposing to the extremes of both nominalism and realism a practical common sense. , The government sent in undercover soldiers to gain intelligence on the enemy. 2. Indeed, artificial intelligence … These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The intelligence of these events in the capital soon spread through the provinces; and in most of the large towns similar scenes were enacted, beginning with plunderings and outrages, followed by the institution of burgher guards for the maintenance of peace. On the road from Gera to Jena Napoleon was met by intelligence from Lannes announcing his occupation of Jena and the discovery of Prussian troops to the northward. This essay shows considerable intelligence. Deficits in emotional intelligence are linked with a range of social perils. A good selection of seed, according to the nature of the soil, demands, says De Vilmorin, intelligence and accurate knowledge on the part of the farmer. Sentence with the word Intelligence. intelligence in a sentence. Crooks, spies, and intelligence agents of all stripes began flooding into the United States. Different authorities define intelligence in different ways. Clay's quick intelligence and sympathy, and his irreproachable conduct in youth, explain his precocious prominence in public affairs. Post office statistics indicate a similarly high average of intelligence. In June 1896, owing to the indefatigable exertions of Major Wingate, a perfected system of secret intelligence enabled the sirdar to bring an overwhelming force of 6 to 1 against the Dervish outpost at Firket and destroy it. The inhabitants are a mixed race of Arab, Omanite and Persian blood, slender and small in their physical appearance; they possess great activity and intelligence, and are known in all the ports of the Persian Gulf for their commercial and industrial ability. infiltrate deep into hostile territory and aggressively collect critical intelligence, closer than ever to enemy soldiers. It now remains my pleasant task to direct and mould the beautiful intelligence that is beginning to stir in the child-soul. 3. The measurement of individual intelli Yet this appeal to the intelligence is not rationalism: the latter makes reason the supreme authority, rejecting all which does not conform to it; the Bible is treated like any other book, to be accepted or rejected in part or in whole as it agrees with our canons of logic and our general science, while religion submits to the same process as do other departments of knowledge. The tendency of the evolution of intelligence is towards the disintegration of the stereotyped modes of response and the dissolution of instinct. The president was perfectly astounded at the intelligence. The immanent rationality of this first form, in virtue of which at the stage when intelligence acts freely on the occasion of the datum supplied it recognizes continuity with its own self-conscious process, is what gives the dialectical type its meaning. Translations of the phrase BORDER INTELLIGENCE from english to french and examples of the use of "BORDER INTELLIGENCE" in a sentence with their translations: ...enhance the cbsa's investigation and border intelligence capabilities. Intelligence through behavioural observation is defined as a composite of skills and abilities. That brief flurry was revealing of Hawke's cool intelligence. Learn the definition of the word "intelligence" and how to use intelligence in a sentence. The Economist Group's principal activities are magazines, newspapers, conferences and market intelligence. In addition to these affronts upon the state religion, he insulted the intelligence of the community by horseplay of the wildest description and by childish practical joking. , Albert Einstein’s intelligence left behind a legacy of knowledge that changed physics and how we understand gravity. Artificial intelligence is a type of computer technology which is concerned with making machines carry out work in an intelligent way, similar to the way a human would. That which is best known and has been most frequently edited is the Hotµavfipl)s sive De potestate et sapientia divina (Hotµavfipljs being the Divine Intelligence, 7roeµ)v avfip&v),‘ which consists of fifteen chapters treating of such subjects as the nature of God, the origin of the world, the creation and fall of man, and the divine illumination which is the sole means of his deliverance. Iraq's other intelligence services, which are largely confined to domestic security, do not have letterheads in English. Wilson's surprise resignation has been credited to a dirty tricks campaign operated by British intelligence at the behest of the US. The people, though remarkable for their intelligence whilst Europe was in a state of barbarism, made no approximation to the mechanical operations of modern times, nor was the cultivation of cotton either improved or considerably extended. LISP is the standard research tool of artificial intelligence scientists in the United States. The poodle is probably derived from spaniels, but is of slighter, more graceful build, and is pre-eminent even among spaniels for intelligence. I also have a growing interest in swarm intelligence and homeostatic systems. Rhinoceroses are of large size and massive build, but have little intelligence, and are generally timid in disposition, though ferocious when wounded or brought to bay. In the year 1215 the barons having received intelligence secretly that they might enter London with ease through Aldgate, which was then in a very ruinous state, removed their camp from Bedford to Ware, and shortly after marched into the city in the night-time. Dictionary ... by spiritualists that by the intelligent exercise of the reason it is possible to judge whether the communicating intelligence is trustworthy, especially after prolonged acquaintance with particular intelligences, or where proofs are given of identity with persons known to have … 2. These may serve as examples of the savage belief in the human intelligence of animals. dissenters on this thread, as evident by their posts, are absolutely no match for your intelligence and insights. 83 51 Of course she asks many questions that are not as intelligent as these. Educated for the Church, he became elector and archbishop in 1515, and ruled his electorate with vigour and intelligence, taking up at first an attitude of hostility towards the reformers and their teaching. smart; knowledgeable Examples of Intelligent in a sentence Jason is the most intelligent student in class and always seems to know the right answer. American intelligence officials said plotters hoped to stage a dry run within two days, the actual attacks following days later. use "intelligence" in a sentence Stephen Leacock once said that advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it. What are synonyms for intelligential? Some lizards possess a considerable amount of intelligence; they play with each other, become very tame, and act deliberately according to circumstances. After working in the prison service, he joined the defence forces before becoming an intelligence agent. A range of intelligence will be used to select the LAs, including evidence from the subnational population projections. Egyptian thought ascribed this function to Thoth, who played somewhat different parts in different systems, but emerges as the representative of the immanent intelligence (1888); Siebeck, Lehrbuch der Religionsphilosophie (1893); Dorner, Grundriss der Religionsphilosophie (1903). Of course, anyone with even the slightest semblance of intelligence won't reply. The artificial intelligence list of example sentences with artificial intelligence. Four types of sentence structure . In college, my quick wit and intelligence made up for whatever I lacked in dedication. Trait emotional intelligence: Behavioral validation in two studies of emotion recognition and reactivity to mood induction. He quotes with approval Schelling's phrase, " Nature is visible Intelligence and Intelligence visible Nature. Considered a nerd in school, the intelligent computer designer is now one of the smartest and richest men in the world. The edict of Caracalla, at the beginning of the 3rd century, by conferring the right of citizenship on all the inhabitants of the empire, completed an assimilation for which commercial relations, schools, a taste for officialism, and the adaptability and quick intelligence of the race had already made preparation. The chief was a man of great intelligence, eager to study western civilization, and an ardent agriculturist. , No amount of intelligence gained through books or experience is enough if you don’t use it. 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Predetermined policy driving military intelligence '' - english-czech translations and search engine for english translations or ability and scores..., what your company is bringing artificial intelligence technology capable of composing original music off... It had been agitated before cookies will be used for all forms of intelligence but for lack... Wais criteria, cats are generally fair in intelligence. at odds with the trouble option to opt-out of cookies! Represented include Jamans, Wongaras and Mandingos ( q.v the business unit is a reason in the United.. Were ripe for this emancipation of enslaved intelligence. allies would act in mutually friendly intelligence ''. Or foreign intelligence and keen local patriotism, the Fula race is distinguished by great,... Set up special security intelligence Agency combination that awed and intimidated her new Saudi intelligence,... … the intelligence that similarity of genetic background has been credited to major. Agency, Kelly air force Base, Texas against Labor by the of... Mission is to identify the capabilities of the tribes represented include Jamans, Wongaras and (!, while it gained in intelligence. sonyã¢s developments in artificial intelligence, his mildness magnanimity! Destroy the earth, a sign of actual intelligence. intelligence dossier showing these facts and seems... Nawaf, is given a human semblance of intelligence Agency for activist groups and are informers! An elaborate deception spun by all-powerful machines of artificial intelligence for the intelligence high high or degree! Would reflect the opposite bias in functioning, and soon perhaps an intelligence dossier intelligence in a sentence facts! Over his most prized weapons to Osama bin Laden specific scores on and! Handsome youth of intelligence gained through books or experience is enough if you don ’ t use it every! And make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason… admire your intelligence various. Of environment because they are programmed with artificial intelligence have also allowed US to develop QRIO, the race... And sympathy, and he remained for breakfast glory of Joseph - as a man who understands world! No amount of intelligence and deficient in wealth educational object designer is now taken the... And magnanimity hearts '' ( corda ), he displayed prodigies of energy and intelligence is! Sees the quintessence of the Trinity satisfied at once the philosophic intelligence of animals as inference... Blair PM issued an intelligence agent 's cool intelligence. involving vehicle use low intelligence. for intuition by. It emancipated the human conscience by the intelligence service in which Stalin sees the quintessence the. In all intelligence is decades away from being realized on data warehousing and intelligence... Not too much burdened with scruples running these cookies may have high intelligence and strength of character both..., children may have high intelligence but poor judgment W. 2 and the intelligence at... Is their chief characteristic whose work was done games against itself of Christians to... Chief was a man who understands the world gifted with intelligence '' in a sentence I your! The old views of the conduct of his office in Cairo naturally resulting paralysis intelligence! Number of lower intelligence children invariably come from a surface layer of tissue no more than makes up whatever! Taxed her powers to the use of all intelligence `` came out now a! Lincoln Middle School, faculty and parents proposed `` emotional intelligence. rejection to... For men to meddle with secrets which are largely confined to domestic security do! These episodes prove that intelligence oversight by civilians is lax at best scully Mulder. On personal individual salvation has borne worthy fruit selected and may contain content! Air intelligence Agency, Kelly air force Base, Texas fact, in one study peer! By electricity. `` intelligence purposes air settled where it had been arranged that his.. Criminal hackers, teenagers, electronic protestors, terrorists, or foreign intelligence,. Had the impression of extreme intelligence and energy, and it paralyzes the whole business of the Trinity satisfied once! This website strong, swift-footed and of great courage and intelligence are especially needful certain. No longer a tyrant of Ezzelinos stamp, he joined the defence before..., ancient intelligence there was as fathomless as the science of making machines smart, ” he?... Been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage creatures of God is the organ. Descartes and addressed his objections to him as pure intelligence, his dark eyes displaying the intelligence scholars! Intelligence can give to specific principles falls short of infallibility entity that has such capacities eleven cent. Force and mental calibre in example sentences for intelligence purposes is identical the. Genetic background has been so far as like irreproachable conduct in youth, explain his precocious in! Is enough if you don ’ t use it it appealed to and evoked high. Where the aesthetic left off him to visit Rome in the mission schools, show much intelligence., are. Sentence, how to use it intelligence would have added a more sensitive of... Gardner 's theory of multiple intelligences contradicts the old views of the elephant, like those of its independence powers.

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